7 October 2016
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Fallen Leaves Brawl Winners

The Wind Brawl is over and we have our winners! In case you've missed how your score is calculated, here is a reminder:

Our performance analysis is based on the GLICKO RATING SYSTEM, an improved version of the ELO RATING

  1. Sarna - $100*

  2. UFC - $50*

  3. Aos - $25*

If you are one of the winners, please send a screenshot with your in-game ID as a FACEBOOK Private Message (don't post it as a comment) or as an e-mail to: PLANETOFHEROES@CORP.MY.COM

*In Steam Store Vouchers

Wind Brawl

Tomorrow (October 8th) will commence the next and final brawl of the Closed Test League, the Wind Brawl! This final battle will last one week - from October 8th until October 14th!


The rules and prizes are the same, You can play solo or in a team but you must be a full team in order to be ranked in the Team League.

Rank Prize*
1st Place $100 Voucher
2nd Place $50 Voucher
3rd Place $25 Voucher

*In Steam Store Vouchers.

CLICK HERE to discover the ranking for the Wind Brawl.



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12 October 2016

Thrilling :)