13 October 2016
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Visualizing Stuns

Visual effects are important, especially in an MOBA. They should be easily recognizable to display what is going on with a character – Should I attack? Am I immobile? Should I avoid that player? The list goes on of course but without the visual aid associated with certain abilities how would you ever know what’s going on? This leads us to our next question…

How should Planet of Heroes show players that are stunned?

The goal is to make something simple, but easily noticeable. For example, some MOBAS will have a small swirl above the character and others will have the same, but the word “Stunned” will flash above them momentarily. Alternatively, some have a “dazed” sparkle/bubble effect surrounding the model to display the desired effect.

From full-screen options for the afflicted player to various small details, we want to know what you think the best possible option for displaying this status ailment could be. Let us know!

comments: 15

13 October 2016

definitely yes!!

13 October 2016

the first one

13 October 2016

i think the first!

13 October 2016

First is good one

13 October 2016

Водка матрешка балалайка

14 October 2016

The First One

14 October 2016

Баланс нахуй делайте. Главное других персонажей порезали а ронду не изменили РОНДУ НАХУЙ ПОРЕЖТЕ. И ВСЕХ ДД СДЕЛАЙТЕ ДД а то хуйня какая-то получается

14 October 2016

First is good

16 October 2016

first one cuz others look like he angry and turning into saiyan.

16 October 2016

First one for sure

17 October 2016

The swirl is the best option for it's familiarity. But make it just one swirl on the centre. It's enough.

19 October 2016

definitely the first one is better way

25 October 2016

First one, but with "stunned" text appearing for a brief moment

8 November 2016

1st. if where is no other options

20 November 2016

2nd tbh, its much more visible so better for teamfights and smoother gameplay