31 October 2016
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Test Phase 3 - Patch Notes

Download: Android | iOS

Greetings, Heroes!

Welcome to the next Planet of Heroes test session! The game client has been updated and we're getting closer and closer to the final release of the game. We've been hard at work improving your experience in the game and adding a lot of new cool stuff. Hear it directly from Anna, our Brand Manager:

But let's get right into the changes!


New Hero

Let's welcome Candy to the roster! She's our new hard-hitting ranged assassin! Here are again her basic skills and also her runes:

Candy's Skills

Icon Skill Name Description
Shock Balls Throw 13 balls in the selected area that explode when enemies run up on them. If the enemy blows up 3 balls in a row, he will be stunned.
Slide Slide in the selected direction, and then accelerate for 2 seconds. During Slide the hero avoids enemy projectiles and spells.
Supersonic Ball Launches the ball which flies in a straight line and explodes when it hits a hero, a neutral monster or at the end of its flight path. Damage increases the further Supersonic balls travels.
Strikeout After using 3 abilities the hero gets the champion ball, enhancing the next Supersonic ball or 3rd basic attack and inflicting additional damage.

Don't forget to give us your feedback on Candy and tell us how her game style is. You can leave your feedback in the comments, on Facebook or on Reddit !

General Improvements

  • Game UI was refreshed - We reworked the layout and design of many UI elements. Everything should feel much more streamlined and modern.

  • iOS 10 Streaming ReplayKit added
    • This allows you to stream your game content without having the need to use a cable to attach it to a computer! You get the freedom of streaming your game everywhere at any time!
    • If you have a supported app (like Mobcrush), activate this feature in the settings. Tap the new appeared icon in the top right corner, input the name of your stream and click Start Broadcast

  • Improvements to the Matchmaking:
    • Matchmaking should be fairer towards newer players
    • Your 1st PVP game will be against AI
    • Your 2nd - 5th games will be a mix of human players vs AI
    • Starting your 6th game you will be now matched only against human players
  • Players now get "Assists" when attacking an enemy player but not landing the final hit
  • Slightly reworked the auto-attack animations for all heroes
  • More messages were added in case of an error
  • Player name validation added:
    • Name length (3-12 characters)
    • Invalid characters (only Latin alphabet and numbers are allowed)
    • Check for forbidden words



Previously known as hero spells, we reworked the now so-called Sparks and added a few more:

  • Spark of Life: Self-heals for a percentage of your max. Health
  • Spark of Smite: Damage all minions or neutral enemies around you
  • Spark of Rage: Gain 40% attack speed, 25% damage increase and 20% cooldown reduction for 5 seconds
  • Spark of Speed: Gain 60% movement speed for 7 seconds
  • Spark of Push: Push away all enemies around you for 4 meters and slow them down by 25% for 2 seconds


Our usual Brawls will continue! Starting with the Test Phase all your matches after the 5th game (matches against AI don't count) will contribute towards you league score! You will see your standing as usual on esports.my.com

Additionally, we will have a brand new tournament format at the end of the Test Phase on the 19th of November It's going to be our first held tournament where 8 teams of 3 will play against each other on a separated special client! We will do our best to make it a great first experience but mistakes might happen - If you're interested in joining and helping us with the first setup grab your friends and shoot us an email at planetofheroes@corp.my.com

More details will follow soon!


Balance Changes

  • Player Progress was wiped and reset to 0
  • The Respawn Timer will now be set to 32 Seconds after a team reaches Level 10 - Additionally increases to 38 Seconds after 10 Minutes have passed
  • Healing Glyphs will not appear anymore if the Tower next to it has been destroyed - The Glyph will remain if it appeared before the destruction of a Tower but will not appear again after it has been picked up
  • 3 Minutes after a match has started, players that respawn in the Fountain will get a +50% Speed buff for 5 Seconds



  • Runes were re-positioned to make for a better balance in their respective Levels
  • Changes to Rune skills
    • Burndown - Bonus damage to a burning target reduced to 20% (changed from 50%)
    • Concentration - Duration increased to 3 seconds (changed from 2s)
    • Burning Napalm - Burn damage is now increased to 5.5 (changed from 19%)
    • Long-Range Flamethrower - Length of flame increased by 1m (changed from Area covered by 20%)
    • Sticky Flame - Burn duration increases by 2 seconds, burn tick damage 2.4 (changed from 1 second)
    • Third-Degree Burns - Healing reduced by 40% (changed from 50%)
    • Shockstrike - Electronet damage increased to 78.7 (changed from 29)
    • Electric Field - Area damage increased to 37.8 (changed from 26)
    • Electrification - DoT damage increased to 9.4 (changed from 7)
    • Caught Prey - Trapped enemy is now receiving 30% more damage (changed from 20%)
    • Less Is More - Damage increased to 36 (changed from 18)
    • More Explosives - Explosion radius reduced by 0.5 (changed from 1)
    • Napalm Rockets - AoE damage has been increased to 17 (changed from 9)
    • Cooling System - Cooldown reduction is now 3 seconds (changed from 1)
    • Slowing Fire - Slow down effect is now 35% (changed from 55%)
    • Woodcutting - Rune was redesigned and now increases the root time by 1.3 seconds
    • Frightening Flame - Panic time changed to 0.8 seconds (changed from 1.75 seconds)
    • Hazy Burn - Silence time changed to 1.5 seconds (changed from 2.5 seconds)
    • Rocket Coordination - Rocket damage doesn't clip anymore

Known Issues

  • Under certain circumstances, players can not use old usernames
  • If you reset your device during a test session you can not get your progress back

Download: Android | iOS

comments: 15

2 November 2016

Where can I download the game?

2 November 2016

The game isn't available in google play, where can I download it?

2 November 2016

The game isn't available in google play, where can I download it?

2 November 2016

The download isn't in my mail box help?

2 November 2016

The download isn't in my mail box help?

2 November 2016

The download isn't in my mail box help?

2 November 2016

I didn't clean data. I had my account connected to facebook. But it just said I cannot login and I have to do it all over again. I have 3 full rune heroes. Can you help me?

3 November 2016

UNCLEABEL In every new test fase, all accounts starts all over again.

3 November 2016

For all missing the download link, we made it more visible :) And yes - we wipe accounts between betas to give the players a better sense of competition and make the tests smoother. Also, a lot of things change in between so that during our test phases we need to make a clean slate.

5 November 2016

Awesome work guys I hope it even gets better and better. I bought an iPhone 7 and I can't wait to test the game on the new device

10 November 2016

Help me

Saint Emilion
19 November 2016

Cool game :)

20 November 2016

nice game but it has again the joystick for movement.. this is kind boring after a while and almost all moba has this except a few. You should really consider changing the touch experience...

20 November 2016

I think you should add new skins, music, maps, heroes, and more missions. Keep going, the game is gun to play :)

21 November 2016

Why i can't play this game?? It always says "Server is offline" .. I want to play this..