19 September 2016
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Quick Brawl Winners

And thus closes the second week of the Closed Test League! You fought hard heroes, but only three can climb to the top of this Quick Brawl!

  1. NUTSHELL - $100*

  2. UFC - $50*

  3. C0MRADE - $25*

If you are one of the winners, please send a screenshot with your in-game ID, your device name (e.g. iPhone 5S, Nexus 6 etc) as a FACEBOOK Private Message (don't post it as a comment) or as an e-mail to: PLANETOFHEROES@CORP.MY.COM

*In App Store or Google Play Vouchers

We will soon announce the next brawl - but don't worry you'll have time to get accustomed to the new release of the game that will launch on September 27th!

You can register for the next test phase here.

CLICK HERE to check the rankings.

comments: 1

19 September 2016

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