26 January 2017
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PVP Rating Reset

Hello Forerunners,

We all know that having a functioning rating system is very important to everyone and we like to watch our own rankings climb. Some of our own team members managed to climb in the TOP-30. Did you see them? But unfortunately, a nasty issue manifested itself in the calculation of our ratings which simply can't be reverted.

Due to this technical difficulty, we had to reset the ranking at esports.my.com. Now that the problem is resolved we will extend the current season ratings until March 3rd. Everyone will get the same chance to climb to the top again!

We apologize for any inconvenience. On the bright side: We have a patch coming up in the next weeks that will address a series of issues that you guys have reported to us.

Until then, we will see you in the arena!

comments: 2

8 March 2017

There is no more ladder atm? No more ranking system?

14 March 2017