5 September 2016
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Using the friend-list

Playing games is fun, but playing games with friends is even better. It’s always great to have an overview of players who you can rely on and to increase your chances of success in battle!


Sending a friend request

To play with your friends, you need to add them to your friend list. This can be done in the Friends menu. You can tap the search field and enter the name of your friend – you don’t need to pay attention to case sensitive spelling, John, jOHn, JOHN or john – will all yield the same search result. Afterwards, send them a Friend Request and they’ll be immediately added to your list with the note Waiting for answer.

Accepting a friend request

Your friends have sent you their requests and are eager to storm the battlefield with you. Before you can hop in a party, you just need to confirm their invitations in the Friends menu. You’ll see a list of all friend request tagged with Waiting for answer. Tap their name and Confirm or Deny their requests.
Should you accept their inquiry; their status will change immediately from Waiting for answer to Friend – or in the case that you deny it, this will remove the friend request from your and their list.

Friend status

One of the many benefits of having friends is the ability to see what they are currently doing in the game and take a look at some of their statistics.

The status can be one of the following:

  • Online – The player is online and not in a battle
  • In Battle – The player is online and is currently in a match
  • In a Group – The player is online but already in a different group
  • Recently Online – The player was online in the past 5 minutes
  • Offline – The player is completely offline

Aside from their online status, you can take a look at a handful of details about your friends by taping their name, such as their level, avatar and a few more.

Group up!

Now it’s time to see if your friends are worthy - Invite them to a party and enter the PvP arena! You’ll see a full list of your friends on the sidebar and in the future you can also invite people around you without adding them to your list – please look forward to it.  After filling the spots of your group press the big green button to enter matchmaking and find suitable foes.

Now you’re set to dominate the arena alongside your friends!

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