1 March 2017
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Patchnotes - March 6th

Each patch is the bundled energy of our team and your feedback coming together with the goal to make Planet of Heroes better every time. We can't thank you enough for all the valuable feedback you give us. Keep it up! If you want to watch a quick summary of a few changes and our thought behind them, watch this video!

Message from the producer: Apart from the changes explained in the past Vlog, we are very proud to be able to adapt our game to players from all over the world, with local battle servers and a whopping NINE new languages, bringing us up to 18 languages now present in our game. As gamers ourselves, we understand how important the finer details are which includes reading in your words but also extends to having candy for the eyes: So this update we have included a revamp of the main screen UI and added announcer messages in the game, buttons now move smoothly when pressed a little longer and a little unlocking animation will appear for new heroes and skins.

With so many changes going on, something may always slip the attention, so we would be absolutely grateful if you send us screenshots of language mistakes, UI elements not fitting your very own phone or high (200+) in-battle pings to our support team, via direct messages on Facebook or Twitter, or post on our Reddit page. And - that goes almost without saying - we would be exceptionally excited about your videos, drawn content, cosplays or jokes. Speaking of jokes, keep this one going: Captain Bluebeard enters a bar...


General Updates

New Hero: Leon

The charming Leon is here! With his spear and knives he will give your foes a hard time to get away.

Icon Skill Name Description
Tracker's Blade Leon throws a blade at an enemy dealing damage and slowing him for a period of time.
Plasma Blast Leon channels an energy ball through his lance and shoots it in a straight path. After reaching the end of its path or colliding with an enemy it explodes, dealing damage in a radius.
Tracker's Frenzy Leon goes frenzy! Increasing his movement speed, attack speed for a short period of time. He also receives less incoming damage while frenzied.
Slice Achilles' Heel Attacking enemies with normal attacks from behind will slow them very briefly.
  • 9 new languages added: Dutch, Italian, Chinese (Simplified), Filipino (Tagalog), Vietnamese, Indonesian, Japanese, Arabic, Thai
  • 7 new skins added
  • New hero and skin unlock animations
  • Battle tutorial reworked
  • UI reworked

  • Daily reward chest
  • Daily reward now does not reset if you do not login next day
  • Reward screen redesigned
  • You can now navigate through the menu while waiting in the PVP queue
  • You can now add players from your previous matches as friends. Check your friends' menu for that.
  • UI sounds reworked
  • Match notifications in the top screen re-designed. Looks slick now!
  • Announcer's voice added (double kill, triple kill, godlike, rampage, ace)
  • Battle, quest and level up rewards rebalanced
  • New Support-system integrated


New story missions added

The journey for the Equilibrium Stone continues! Which new foes and dangers await our heroes?

  • 2 new tiers of gear and components for them added
  • The player account must be level 4 before PVE Missions get unlocked


  • Matchmaking rebalance to make less probable that players with significant difference in skill rating are picked in the same battle
  • Battle start countdown added on hero lobby
  • The range of all ranged heroes attacks and abilities was increased
  • The creep spawn was adjusted:
    • Normal waves: 2 melee creeps, 1 ranged creep
    • Each Third wave: 1 melee. 1 ranged creep, 1 heavy creep
    • Normal waves after the destruction of the second tower: 2 melee creeps, 1 ranged creep, 1 heavy creep
    • Each third wave after the destruction of the second tower: 1 melee creep, 1 ranged creep, 2 heavy creep
  • Barrier on the spawn added, preventing heroes to rush into battle too early
  • AFK timer reduced from 30 to 20 secs


  • Deadly Marks additional damage was reduced
  • "Terrible, Terrible Damage" runes damage was reduced
  • Ghostly Strikes damage was reduced
  • "Deadly Fear" was reworked and now applies Silence instead of Panic.
  • The damage of the second and third attack was slightly reduced
  • "Impenetrable Fog" now correctly applies the blind effect


  • Damage of his basic attacks was increased
  • Targets that get hit by 5 harpoon stacks and are hit by Explosive Harpoon, will be rooted for 1.5 seconds
  • Explosive Harpoon damage slightly reduced
  • "Critical Wounds" rune now has the chance to stun the target


  • Supersonic Ball damage was slightly reduced but the explosion radius was increased
  • Speed boost after the Slide was increased
  • Damage of Candys basic attacks is increased
  • "Full sap" rune effect changed to "Stun from shock balls is now triggered after 2 explosions"
  • Shock balls explosions deal a slightly more damage and explode all together at the end of their duration


  • Speed and range of Capture was increased

Let us know on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit what you think about these changes! Also, if you didn't fill the form for the Pioneer skin yet you still have some time left! Click here!

comments: 11

6 March 2017

i dont know why the countdown is before the loading screen ... after loading some starts earlier and some later then a countdown makes much more sense

7 March 2017

@Sersch you mean the game starts "too early" for you?

13 March 2017

Plss.for ANDROID

13 March 2017

Hi guys, im from spain. I cant play because ms is up up!. pls someone can i help me?

14 March 2017

Hey guys, not sure if this is normal but I can't get a ping lower than 290-1100ms. The game looks great and is fun, but this pong really slows me down. I live on Maui in Hawaii (USA), and my internet is solid. Let me know if there's a way to fix this from my end. Thanks!

15 March 2017

add item build feature ... Match i feel lees feature and litle boring

16 March 2017

Hi guys, im from Azerbaijan. I cant play because ms is up up!. pls someone can i help me?

17 March 2017

Hey Devs, Can you please add a timer within the match before the heroes/creeps are released, or increase it if it's already implemented? I often find myself and many other players only connecting once the game has already started, thus already putting us behind and in some cases a 2v3 or even 1v3 for the first few creep waves.

20 March 2017

Hello i have downloaded this game new, fantastic game, have a request from you chat on the game menu design pen game battle pvp post your opinions with friends and congratulate the winning team ,Please allow me to chat with my friends in the game ... thank you :)

21 March 2017

I installed update (today) and I lost my account, for some reason I got new account and 0 progress, my in-app purchases have been lost, please fix it

21 March 2017

ok seems it's fixes, thanks