31 January 2017
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PATCHNOTES — February 2nd

With every patch, we try to improve the quality of life and performance in Planet of Heroes. This time we have more matchmaking fixes and some tweaks under the hood for you. Read on for all details!



  • The first five matches were tweaked
    • The bot AI is now slightly more forgiving
  • The tutorial matches were reduced to 1
  • Bot replacement for AFK players
    • AFK users will be disconnected after 15 seconds
  • The hero selection now displays owned heroes first
  • Practice mode offers all heroes
    • You can try any hero you want now
  • Reduced the amount of Energons and Astro-Coffee gained from PVP
  • Increased the auto-targeting distance on abilities
  • Primary-target selection was reduced to 9 units around your hero
  • New Languages added: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Turkish

Message from the producer: The matchmaking attempts to match you against players from the same region on the same battle server, and if not finding enough players, it will match you with players from other regions. We think it's better to try and play even with a little lag than staring at the matchmaking timer at all. It will be better the more players are online, so tell friends to come join and if waiting too long, play during prime time in your region!



  • Autoplay option in Campaign now requires only a 1 Star Rating (previous: 3 Star)
  • Act 2 - Mission 5:
    • The sidequest time was increased to 1:40 min (previous: 1:20 min)


  • Matchmaking tweaks:
    • The first three minutes of your queue will be exclusive to your region. Once the time has passed, the matchmaking will look worldwide to find a match for you.


  • Latency numbers more accurate:
    • Sometimes the number of your ping was too high or too low. Now it's accurate.
    • The ping displayed in the main menu displayed the latency of the meta-server (where we store your progress and so on) - now we display the ping to your local battle server.
  • Neelu now counts as a Support Hero for all quests
  • The Components pack content now properly drops all components of the stated quality
  • The normal joystick now appears under your finger when you tap on the screen

Let us know on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit what you think about these changes!

comments: 17

2 February 2017

I'm very sad. Since the previous update my device is not compatible with the game version. Please could you give me a possible solution?

2 February 2017

Sorry to hear, whats your phone?

3 February 2017

I have a Moto G3 and in all first versions of the game it was compatible. I Iook forward to hearing from you.

4 February 2017

Im loving it!

6 February 2017

Can I play it offline?

6 February 2017

Pls answer back pls...

6 February 2017

It would help us to play the game if we didn't play almost every game against fully runed heroes in a party.... that's stupid.

10 February 2017


10 February 2017

Parece fake

13 February 2017

I think maybe a second check button for the name set would be nice, because many players accidently tapped ok and the name change with a ticket takes a lot of time (several days and still no namechange jet :/)

17 February 2017

You got my entire and eternal respect for this game. Seriously. I hope I could help you, but has I can see, you dont need french translators, and I dont know how I could otherwise help you. Since that's said. Seriously, well done.

17 February 2017

Give me this skin pls

17 February 2017

I would like to ask when this game will support Chinese?

21 February 2017

Hey, great game! It woukd be nice if there was a way to teleport back to the base! I also want a 5v5 Mode with three lanes and stuff. A little bit like in lol (my fav moba). Hope youll recognize this comment! :)

2 March 2017

Its a drug!

4 March 2017

Since a couple of patches ago, my android systems, an Hewlett Packard HP Slate 7 Plus and an Asus K00F, are both no longer compatible with this game. What happened???? I used to play it without any issue!!!! I want to play this game....

13 March 2017

the game lag to mush need more heros and pliz add new game mod online and do a totch to move not movine be joystick becose evry one play in pc app have a good way to kill android people :,(