5 December 2016
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Open Beta - Patch Notes

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Greetings, Heroes!

Welcome to the fourth Planet of Heroes test session! We did a lot of changes this time around and hoped you'll enjoy them as much as we do. Between the new hero Dozer, sound effects, game bugs and general fixes here is a list of all the changes coming to you in this patch.

PvE and Upgrades

In Test Phase 4 we’ve added the first act of the Story Mode, which currently has two available difficulties. Additionally, an Equipment System was introduced that allows easier completion of the higher difficulties of the missions. Components of the PvE includes:

  • Searching for the Equilibrium Stone in a short storyline that spans five missions.
  • 2 difficulty options – Hard Mode becomes available after passing all the missions on the Normal difficulty.
  • Complete main and side objectives! Side objectives can sometimes be much harder to achieve than the main goal. However, each objective rewards a star and solving all objectives yields up to 3 stars for a mission, giving you a higher rank!
  • After each mission, the player receives components that can be used to upgrade their equipment. Each hero has their recipes for upgrades, and they need different components. Some components may also be looted during the missions.
  • Hero equipment upgrades are permanent in PvE. Equipment does not affect PvP.
  • By playing PvP and finishing quests the player will also receive a special currency, “Black Doubloons”, which can be spent on loot from missions. This option is only available for a mission after the 3-star rating has been achieved.

Economy changes

With the addition of the PvE missions, some prices were adjusted:

  • The uncommon currency used to purchase Heroes is now called Shards of Valor. This currency can be obtained through quests and in PvP battles. Prices for heroes remains mostly unchanged. All “old” heroes cost: 2000. Candy: 2500. Dozer: 3500
  • Runes levels 1, 2, and 3 now cost 125, 250, and 500 Shards of Valor respectively.
  • Rune levels 4, 5, and 6 are purchased with the Elders Insignia. Elders Insignia is a rare currency and can be obtained as a reward for completing the PvE Mission (both manual and automatic). The higher difficulty the mission, the better e chance of looting Elders Insignia on it.
  • After PvP and PvE battles players can obtain Planetoons, which is spent on upgrading equipment.
  • Saphirites cannot be obtained yet.


The game got the first iteration of the Tutorial which is split into several parts: 2 combat and two interface tutorials.

  • The first combat tutorial teaches the controls of the combat and game mechanics. To pass the tutorial the players will play as Duncan. At the end of the tutorial, the player is prompted to choose their second hero between Ronda and Magnum.
  • The second tutorial teaches the mechanics of PvP, in particular, the Jungle, buffs of the Archon and how the towers work. After the second tutorial, the player will be a third random hero from the following list: Bluebeard, Sky'lee, [enger] and Bubbles.
  • Immediately after the second tutorial ends, an interface guide begins.
  • Once a player accumulates enough money to purchase the first Rune, the last interface tutorial kicks off, teaching him to buy and equip runes.

Hero class

In the test phase 4, we have changed the Hero Classes:

  • Warrior - Heroes specializing in surviving in close quarter battles. They can perform the role of tanks in the group.
  • Assassin - Melee heroes, specialized in causing significant damage to a single target.
  • Marksman - Ranged heroes, causing high damage to enemies.
  • Support – Possesses abilities to assist the team, both through direct team buffs, enemy debuffs, or crowd control.
  • Duncan was rebalanced toward the Warrior class:
    • Given more HP & Armor while reducing his damage output.
  • Ronda was rebalanced toward the Assassin class:
    • Given more Damage and less HP.

The new Hero, Dozer was added as well! Enjoy!

Additionally, we will release another smaller update next week where we address the matchmaking with some changes, stay tuned!

Let us know on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit what you think about this test phase!

Download: Android | iOS

comments: 12

7 December 2016

open beta? does it means it will not reset after the test?

7 December 2016

Ok so two things, the game isn't giving rewards for pvp at the moment (not sure if intentional) and the new currency system is less fun than before now I basically need to wait 4 or 5 days to unlock a new character and if it's based off last test that's like 1/4 of the test, also it's not fun logging in to a game you enjoyed a lot and seeing your progress reset I think testers should keep heroes over phases, that's my rant thanks for the great game though.

11 December 2016

i want to play this game, and thia is my first time. But when i already inside the game and first tutorial its force closed. Im using Xiaomi redmi note 3 pro. Ca you fixed it?

11 December 2016

I have a question. I made an account on the PC today, but I already logged in on one on the phone to try the game out. Now that I want to log out on the phone, I'm unable to find where the logout button is. Can somebody tell me please? Thanks.

11 December 2016

It is a great game so far, but every once in a while it will crash mid game and I have to force close the app.

12 December 2016

FEEDBACK Downloaded the game and played 5 matches with Duncan Skillshot is terrible - it's slow to fire, it needs to be more responsive. Maybe hold the button to aim and fire when button is released. Worse than that is the aim. I am simply trying to shoot right in front of Duncan in the direction he's facing and he turns and shoots up, down, backwards ...basically any way except where I aim. Also this is a beta test, free up all the heroes or make them cheap because I'm not going to grind in a beta just to get to test other characters. This should be self evident devs, cmon..

Mr nut
24 December 2016

I try to get in game but I load in then my game just shuts down, help!

30 December 2016

Olá eu sou brasileiro, tenho um Motorola Moto G3 XT1544 e na minha Google play aparece que o meu dispositivo é incompatível com essa versão

31 December 2016

I feel like the game is very laggy an after the first tutorial the OK section after the name selection got stuck on the screen an I couldn't see to ply again an Duncan moves very slow maybe speed it up a little

31 December 2016

I just played the solo pvp an used Ronda and the main attack button is not working

4 January 2017

FEEDBACK because of coloring, it's not clear which minions are yours and which are the opponent's (I think healtbars shoud always be visible) sounds are of course missing. I think a lot of work will be needed to make the hits/shots "feel" right. even without sounds, strike animations are not completely satisfying. loving the art style. great work!

9 February 2017

FORCE CLOSED the game force closed after loadings. Im using Xiaomi redmi note 3 pro. I hope i can play this game soon, please fix this issue.