8 January 2017
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Neelu comes to help!

Neelu the friendly force of nature has arrived! Like Magnum, she also belongs to the Eyok tribe. She was still in training with the tech druids when the Forerunners took note of her skills and offered her to join. Since that day the small but energetic Neelu is fighting in the arena.

Her spark allows her to control nature and assist her allies with shield and heals!

Icon Skill Name Description
Star Vortex Neelu launches an energy ball in a straight line that deals damage too all enemies on the way. Causes additional damage to minions and neutral monsters.
Natural Protection Neelu calls a star to drop down. All allied heroes hit by it gain a shield based on their maximum health.
Healing Storm Neelu surround herself with a storm that sends out healing energy to all allied heroes around her.
Meditation When out of combat for a certain period of time, Neelu starts regenerating health much faster.

Neelu will be available in the next update during January! More details soon.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Healing effect of Meditation is increased. Star Vortex decreases the damage of enemies. Natural Protection absorbs more damage. Healing Storm lasts longer but heals slightly less. Star Vortex pushes heroes aside and slows them. Allies under the effect of Natural Protection get healed if they are hit by an enemy.
Third basic attack adds a slowing effect. Star Vortex deals more damage. Natural Protection explodes after a short duration. Healing Storm lasts less but heals more. Natural Shield removes and protects from negative effects. Star Vortex explodes in a small radius after traveling its maximum distance, and slows enemies hit by the explosion
Meditation also increases movement speed. Cooldown of Star Vortex is reduced. Natural Protection is applied instantly. Healing Storms effect is increased if the allied hero has a shield. Healing Storm slightly increases the movement speed for every healing particle received.
Third basic attack deals more damage. Increase the distance of Star Vortex. Natural Protection absorbs much more damage but lasts much shorter. Healing Storm heals much more but you can't heal yourself. Meditations blocks the first crowd control ability on you.

We would like to remind everyone that we will shut down our servers on the 10th of January until further notice to apply the update AND DO A FINAL AND LAST WIPE. This will be the very last time we delete your progress. Promised!

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comments: 8

10 January 2017

I wanna play it but i prefer Avenger for one shot kill lol

10 January 2017

Is server in maintance?

11 January 2017

Are not these Dozer skills?

11 January 2017

@Skyel - those were indeed Dozers runes. Guess the healer wanted to be a tank, but we gave him back his own runes now :)

11 January 2017

Battering ram?

11 January 2017

Nice a new support lol im have not all champ im muss ihm buy xd im have 2931sv for him.

12 January 2017

Battering Ram was indeed still listed in the runes. The correct rune is: "Star Vortex explodes in a small radius after traveling its maximum distance, and slows enemies hit by the explosion"

17 January 2017