21 March 2017
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MINI PATCH - March 21st

Aside from some stability adjustments on our server, we bring you several bug fixes and a few balance changes in the game:

The alignment of the Arabic language is now correct right to left! The Traditional-Chinese announcer messages had some typos and are now standing corrected.

And the balance changes for Candy, Dozer and Neelu:


In the last patch, we increased the Crowd-Contol abilities of Candy to bring her back into general play - but we took it a notch to far with her Shock Balls. The radius for triggering each ball reduced from 1m to 0.4m


Just a small fix on his "Electric Paralysis" Rune, to reduce the chance of applying the stun. The number we used was too irregular before and sometimes didn't apply the effect when it should and vice-versa. The stun chance is now 20%


We fixed Neelu's "Medic's Sacrifice" Rune and is now working as intended. Woo!


The radius of "Unstable Explosion" Rune was reduced from 3 to 2,5m

Thanks for reading. Stay awesome seekers!

PS: If your account was "reset" after the update: a) you were connected to Game Center you can just delete and re-install the game. b) you were NOT connected to Game Center, please contact our support.

  • Clapton

comments: 5

LiL LucK
21 March 2017

Game updated automatically and I was super excited as I haven't​ been able to play sense end of last month! However now I even more upset as Android still isn't supported :( Is there an estimated date on this yet? Will my account be reset? Great game, best by far I can't find another to satisfy me and have went through many this month and only a few left. Keep up the great work!

22 March 2017

Still feels like flavour of the month hero picks. If you are having to balance a few heroes it should be done to all of them.

LiL LucK
5 April 2017

And today's the day!Thank you so much. Updates to come on new game pLay. First look amazing! Also didn't screw me out of daily rewards after over month of no play. So far still best MOBA!

9 April 2017

Copy game from vainglory good luck

peaceful monkey
4 May 2017

zeues you're a dumbass no one can copy a genre if look at it for 1 second you will know that its not a copy of vainglory