4 January 2017
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Matchmaking and you!

One of the most important elements of Planet of Heroes is the matchmaking in PvP battles. The concept of matchmaking in Planet of Heroes is quite different from other games as it currently uses a system based on each players’ “average ping” in all regions, and then relocates those players to a specific server that is based on the most optimal location. However, after extensive testing, this method was proved to be ineffective for many players as the location picked generated intensive lags for many, or even all players participating in a battle.

For this reason, our team started developing an alternative matchmaking system, which will be deployed in the upcoming soft launch update. In this update, the matchmaking will work as follows:

  1. Instead of having a “global” pool of players, regional brackets will be generated for each region (North America, Europe, South East Asia, etc.)
  2. When a player from a specific region enters the queue, the game will first try to match him with players of his region
  3. If not enough players from one region can be found, the matchmaker will slowly increase the range before restarting the search

This alternative matchmaking means that matches will take a bit more time to start, but players should experience a much more fluid gameplay once the match starts. This allows us to create a mechanism that not only works fast but is also easily customizable, allowing us to quickly adjust to achieve best results.

Do you have any questions regarding the alternative matchmaking? Let us know in the comments below!

comments: 9

7 January 2017

Hi dear company, i have a problem whit the last game version because the game do not appear on the store of my device(Moto G3).("This version is not compatible with your device"). Could you help me please?

7 January 2017

The game is a ton of fun when the matches are against equal teams, this won't work though https://imgur.com/a/3PeWq premades against guests and solo queue and toons with much higher gear, not fun.

11 January 2017

I have that problem

11 January 2017

Why my server is not Online

13 January 2017

I am still real laggy. I live in Wisconsin and from the look of the map you have a server fairly close, so I'm not understanding why I'm getting 200+ping?..

13 January 2017

Also how do you report players? I see hacks are already an effin thing for this game, which really upset me.

20 January 2017

i am from iran. i think normally i should join to eu server but! i have 400-800 ping!!!!! please fix it for my country should join eu for best ping :(

31 January 2017

I am from Turkish and i have a turkish appstore but i can't download the game becouse its not avaible for the turkish appstore please fix it i really enjoyed the closed beta.

25 April 2017

It sounds great, but I guess this is not in effect so far? Your game still has high ping rates that fluctuate randomly.