11 September 2016
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Interview with Putokrack

Tell us about you – what’s your name, how old are you, occupation?

I prefer to stay in games by my nickname.Let's just say that I am a student from Estonia.


How did you get your nick name?

It sticks with me for about 12 years. I used it first in Quake3 after meeting a player with somewhat similar nickname. I got pmed (Private Messages) a lot from spaniards, because "puto" used as an adjective has different meanings which made my nickname not available at the time and, I believe,"crack" was something like "special". But it in the end it’s just a name to me.


When did hear about Planet of Heroes? What got you hooked?

I am always trying to keep up with gaming news and participate in all tests my device can join. I was playing TWBA until the project got closed, so most players I've met there often look for new MOBAs to hop on.


Do you have any prior MOBA experience?

I don't like mobas on PC much, because they seem way too repetitive. I've played Heroes of the Storm for quite some time, but I always was more of a FPS / MMORPG guy.

You said you don’t like MOBAs on PC, but what about mobile devices?

I am sure, I've played every android MOBA available to me. 3000 battles in The Witcher Battle Arena, 1500 wins in Vainglory, Heroes of Order and Chaos, Ace of Arenas, Heroes of Soulcraft, Eternal Arena, Destiny of Thrones, Call of Champions and others. You name it, I played it.


How do you enjoy the Solo League?

It's fine. I've never cared about rating systems, because they make some of the players create opinions based only on numbers and not on the player abilities to learn or adapt, but it is a system that will be needed in the future to divide very fresh players from experienced when the game gets more updates.


What’s your favourite hero so far?

I find them all interesting, but not playing on Captain. Seems too hard for me to support newbies.Mercenary seems to be a good choice.


His skills and rune sets suit to players who just started the game and randomly tap on the buttons. But at the same time you can push out everything from his abilities with proper way of using them.Same goes for other heroes.

Any tips for a new player?

I see a lot of players to be frustrated by the lack of tutorials and their losing streaks. They should learn to accept it and move on. Every game you start to play makes you feel like a noob, but getting totally crashed makes you learn faster. The best feeling is when you see the potential in your own abilities to grow and expand your skills.


Is there anything you’d like to see as an addition to the game? What’s missing?

Well, I've made some Reddit posts and YouTube videos about common bugs, mostly about priority targeting and skills being incorrectly described. I’ll make a post at the end of the beta with suggestions regarding balance.


Anything you’d like to say directly to the team?

Don't forget to get proper rest if needed. Putting up such project isn't a one-week-job, so take your time and stay happy.


- Thanks for your time and enjoy the rest fo the closed test phase!

comments: 5

11 September 2016

Hahaha! He has spoken...

11 September 2016

Please,leave your feedback here - http://www.reddit.com/r/planetofheroes Reddit is the fastest way to get heared after writing straight to the devs.All opinions count!

12 September 2016

Capitans are realy had a bad support) But i happy that i meet a few good players,) We cant chat with each oter, but we understand what to do without words) Aos,Fanaka,Overlock,Racinh ;)

13 September 2016

Lol, I loved Twba too, also, I interested, how to get my 25$?

14 September 2016

Hey Pologrif, as described here: https://moba.my.com/closed-test-league-week-two If you are one of the winners, please send a screenshot with your in-game ID as a FACEBOOK Private Message (don't post it as a comment) or as an e-mail to: PLANETOFHEROES@CORP.MY.COM Have a great day!