15 December 2016
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Get all heroes this weekend

Listen up, heroes.

Our Studio Director had a fantastic coffee this morning and was in such great mood that he went to the server settings and changed all hero costs to 1 Shard of Valor. Yep, that's right!

Starting NOW – until the weekend is over – all heroes will cost merely 1 Shard of Valor. That's just crazy, so use this chance before someone notices and switches the cost back.

After asking our director about what the hell he was thinking at the time, he replied:

"I just thought everyone should have the chance to try every hero during the beta. That's why... Now get out of my office!"

In short: All heroes cost 1 Shard of Valor as of right now until Sunday (10 PM Central Europe Time).

comments: 3

3 January 2017

Wow hi

3 January 2017

Nice. I missed it

11 January 2017

Yes im have all champs for 1sh buy ym like this nice im like a new champ with 1sh prize xd