30 September 2016
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Fallen Leaves Brawl – Closed Test League

It’s that time again – another Closed Test League tournament will now be underway with riches and glory awaiting the victor!

Starting tomorrow, October 1st and lasting until October 7th, compete in the Fallen Leaves Brawl, increase your rankings by playing the game, and those that come out on top will be awarded graciously:

Rank Prize*
1st Place $100 Voucher
2nd Place $50 Voucher
3rd Place $25 Voucher

*In Steam Store Vouchers.

This time around, we not only track your individual performance but also your team performance. To enter the ranking in the Team League, you need to party up with two other friends while playing the game. If you’re just playing with one partner, then both of you will be ranked in the solo ratings but not in the team rating - you must be a full team for the Team League.

CLICK HERE to discover the ranking for this week.

Our performance analysis is based on the GLICKO RATING SYSTEM, an improved version of the ELO RATING. The Fallen Leave Brawl will be split in Weekly Solo Brawls and later we will add Weekly Team Brawls.

You’re all invited to compete in the battle – May the best hero win!

comments: 7

30 September 2016

Nutshell UFC cOmrade ........................................................... :/

1 October 2016

GT-R, of course))

1 October 2016

Do you need the sign up for the tournament/need a minimum points to be on the list here? Because I have played some games already and don't see my game name here. RF

2 October 2016


2 October 2016

server down?

2 October 2016

Why cant i see my nick on the leaderboard? I played some games today and i should be pretty high

7 October 2016

Hi, I didn't connect my facebook account before, but now I did. Do my previous games not count then? I played a lot before..