4 December 2016
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Dozer - The Fugitive

Dozer is a dangerous criminal that escaped the galactic prison. He is angry, blunt and says what he thinks straight up! He attacks with his fists using electric gloves and an attachment on the horn to cause severe damage to everyone in his way. He's very electrifying!

Let's take a look at his skill and rune set!

Icon Skill Name Description
Static Shield Dozer activates a shield based on Dozers maximum health for a few seconds.
Horn Fling Flings a target over himself and stuns it for a brief period of time.
Battering Ram Dozer runs in a straight line. Upon reaching a maximum distance or colliding with an enemy he will knock up all enemies around him. If he did collide with an enemy, the enemy will get stunned..
Volatile Voltages Whenever Dozer uses an ability he will create a small electric field around him that deals damage to enemies around him

Dozer will be available starting the next test phase on December 7th!

Dozer's runes

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Static Shield absorbs more damage. Volatile Voltages restores some HP to Dozer. Using Horn Fling flips more enemies around the original target. Using Battering Ram also gives you a small shield for a few seconds. If enemies destroy the Static Shield, it explodes and causes Panic to nearby foes for a few seconds. Battering Ram distance is increased. Upon reaching the maximum distance or colliding with an enemy hero, all foes within a small range are stunned for a brief period.
Static Shield explodes at the end of its duration, dealing damage in a small radius. The third basic attack deals more damage in a larger area. When an enemy is thrown, the impact deals damage in a small radius When Dozer finishes his charge or rams into an enemy, he deals moderate damage around him. Enemies being thrown by Horn Fling can’t use basic attacks for a few seconds. Battering Ram applies a very powerful electric damage over time effect instead of knocking the enemies up.
Whenever enemies deal damage against the Static Shield, it will restore a little amount of HP to Dozer. Volatile Voltages does more damage. The throw distance is increased. Enemies hit by Battering Ram suffer increased damage for a few seconds. The target hit by Battering Ram is stunned longer.
Static Shield cooldown is reduced. The first two basic attacks cause chain lightning that inflicts huge damage to creeps and neutral creatures. Horn Fling cooldown is reduced. Enemies hit by Battering Ram are slowed for a few seconds. 50% chance to stun enemies if they hit Dozer while Volatile Voltages is active.

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comments: 3

6 December 2016

Eror during loading What can i do????

6 December 2016

Error during login

6 December 2016

The beta will open tomorrow