26 September 2016
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Developer Diary #1

Manuel took some time to give you some insights of what you can expect starting tomorrows test phase! What the full video for all details!

Hero balancing!

We looked at your feedback and adjusted the heroes. Don’t forget that some changes might reflect only a certain portion of the feedback and we might have tweaked it in a way to test a certain hero more – so if someone’s OP now, let us know!
  • Avenger
    • His 3rd skill (need name) was fixed! The cast time was reduced as well!
  • Captain
    • Reduced the time on pre-casts during his attacks
    • Reduced the time the ultimate can be controlled at
  • Psycho
    • Reduced auto attack damage
    • Reduced damage on the 1st skill


Gameplay and Controls

  • Tutorial mode added!
    • Upon launching the game for the first time, you’ll enter the practice mode with a mini tutorial!
    • We also reduced the difficulty of the practice mode! Some AI-heroes were a bit too beefy
  • Improved the responsiveness of the ability buttons
  • Reduced the auto-walking distance on the experimental controls
    • Your hero won’t walk across the whole lane anymore to attack an enemy!
  • Mini-Map reworked
    • Is now placed on the right
    • Can be enlarged when you tap it
    • You can ping now
  • Fixed several bugs with the back-to-base teleport


Other changes

  • You can now bind your account to your Facebook account!
  • Added an in-game support chat
  • Fixed sounds effects on all heroes
  • Jungle Boss Monsters got some effects


Server times!

This time around we decided to have more frequent server opening hours! The new times are as following:

GMT CET NA West Korea
11am - 1pm 1pm - 3pm 4am - 6am 8pm - 10pm
5pm - 7pm 7pm - 9pm 10am - 12pm 2am - 4am
11pm - 1am 1am - 3am 4pm - 6pm 8am - 10am
5am - 7am 7am - 9am 10pm - 12am 2pm - 4pm

27th of September starting 11am GMT the servers will stay open the whole day and on the 15th of October the servers will only shutdown at 11pm GMT!

See you on the battleground heroes!

comments: 2

26 September 2016

Hi My.com's team, i'm very excited to know more about this new game phase but i have some questions that I I'd like to answer me, as for example what happens about the south American servers? and if this is the official game or another phase? please i'm waiting for your answers! thanks.

27 September 2016

Hey Juandisan, as you've seen in the video, we added a server in Brazil during the test phase starting today 11 GMT. Did you register for it already? https://moba.my.com/closedtest