9 September 2016
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Customizing Your Hero: Runes

While results may vary based on the specific game, one thing tends to be consistent among MOBAs – you decide how a Hero is played.This is no exception in Planet of Heroes as we allow players to expand their Hero to suit their desired play-style using Runes!

What are Runes?

Runes are an in-game item that, once obtained & activated, allow players to upgrade and/or alter their Hero’s abilities in some way. Activated Runes can change both a hero’s physical appearance, stats and, depending on which rune has been activated, the heroes can become significantly different from their original state. Each Hero has up to 22 Runes spread across 6 Tiers. The first five tiers consist of four runes each and the sixth tier just two. Once all of the Runes in one level have been obtained, and the player possesses an Account Level equal to the next tier, (1, 2, 3 and so on) they can start to gather runes for the next tier.

What do Runes actually do?

Runes can be combined together to make custom Builds that allow you to boost your desired abilities with your preferred upgrade. They themselves apply certain types of effects to existing abilities, passive or active, that include:

  • Increased Damage
  • Increased Range
  • Increased Duration
  • De-buffs and Control
  • Defense and Team assistance
  • Healing and Support functions

How do you obtain Runes?

While participating in PvP, players unlock achievements which reward them with a special resource that can be used to purchase Runes. However, when you start the game the player will be given a Hero with the first Rune level unlocked and two already accessible Runes.

What do you think - Do you enjoy this level of personalization or do you think it could be improved even further?

comments: 2

13 September 2016

Please add the rune system into the gameplay. Sort of like Heroes of the Storm. I hate shuffling through menus out of game. That's boring. Plus there's noniten system. Pretty sure a talent/rune system would still allow for short matches.

13 September 2016

Thanks for your feedback U_9544775 (PS: you can set your own nickname ;) ) I'll send it to the dev team :)