3 October 2016
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Community Development: Screen Orientation

How one chooses to hold their mobile device often varies from person to person and even between everyday activities such as texting, browsing the internet, or watching a video. With games, while still fluctuating depending on the individual, can more commonly be preferred in a single orientation however not all apps allow you to choose, especially games which of course brings us to our latest question…

Should Planet of Heroes allow a Vertical or Horizontal landscape?

Cowsep was kind enough to give up some time to help with our discussion.

It’s safe to say that you’re usually at your computer desk when playing MOBAs, but when you’re playing mobile games, where do you typically find yourself most often?

When playing mobile games I’m usually out on transit or sitting in a restaurant. I rarely play them at work. Usually between areas. This gives me less than 30 minutes in most situations.

While everyone is different, is there any mandatory positioning you need to do to become comfortable, requiring you to hold your mobile device in a specific way? For example, something as simple as laying back or sitting up straight.

I usually prefer to hold my device with both hands if it’s a phone or having it propped up if it’s a tablet. On the bus I always tend to hold it with one hand and use the other as an indicator.

Many different apps make certain screen orientations mandatory, would it be better if they all focused on making it work with both the Vertical & Horizontal positions?

I rarely ever use a vertical landscape. I think it’s a standard that most people hold their phones similar to how they use their monitors. I think horizontal is perfectly fine. Vertical may be a bit awkward in fact…

What about for Planet of Heroes, a MOBA. Would your opinion be any different when speaking about a specific game or genre?

No, my opinion is pretty much the same. Games are horizontal and informational apps are vertical.

With supporting both orientations, it’s possible that one may find themselves at a huge disadvantage for various reasons, including view distance or camera positioning. Should this potential handicap be disregarded in favor of user-preference?

If you absolutely added a vertical landscape I recommend not limiting the horizontal at all. Users can change their resolution on League of Legends and other games and gain an “advantage” without ever being handicapped for lower resolution. I feel like vision should just be limited for the person choosing to play in the awkward vertical position.

No matter what your thoughts are, we want to hear it – Let us know what you think!

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6 October 2016

I would recommend that a horizontal view is much much better than a vertical view. Even if there are options to change the view, the controls for a vertical view would be very complex compared to the horizontal view and wouldn't be of much use. It would also be uncomfortable for the player, spoiling the game. So, it's better not to have a vertical view option as there are more demerits than merits.