13 April 2017
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Clash of Planets

Planet of Heroes already held local team tournaments in the past, but now we are expanding and want to unite players from different regions. Assemble your team, train hard and practice your MOBA skills now!

Registration for the tournament will be open starting April 13th until April 23rd.

Head over to the tournament website and register your team today!

The tournament will be on a Team-vs-Team basis. This means that we only accept pre-made teams of three. If you want to join you must have a team and our prize pool has a monetary value of up to $150 per player!

Now go out there and build your team!

comments: 6

14 April 2017

Very big lag game

18 April 2017

I love this game except it needs more characters to play as or more skins orher than that best moba ever!!!!!!!!!!

18 April 2017

I need only 10 saphirites to buy a skin and have no time because event is running out. What can i do? There is no rewards?

18 April 2017

Please give us more time or give saphirites

20 April 2017

Ale ale ale jebat sa bude kedy cela hra je napicu a este ma nervujte

5 June 2017

English commentary?