22 September 2016
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Bushes (Invisibility / Stealth)

Those of you who played the closed test phase, were able to experience the way we handle the placement of bushes! We’re interested in learning what the Planet of Heroes community thinks about something that’s easily a staple of the average MOBA.

Their physical appearance may vary between games or even maps, but they all provide the same stealth benefits. Running into these areas makes you invisible to nearby enemies that wander by, rendering them completely oblivious to your presence until an ambush is launched or they dive into the brush themselves! This leads us into our newest feedback request…

Should Planet of Heroes include Bushes into the game?

More specifically, we’re curious to learn if the Planet of Heroes community has any interest in this mechanic. Do you believe Planet of Heroes not only needs this feature, but that it will further benefit from its inclusion? It’s also possible that you’re the opposite and don’t believe gameplay will be affected one way or the other.

You'll be able to try out all possible bushes and vision tricks in the next test phase! Register now!

Regardless, what are your thoughts around Bushes or the lack thereof in Planet of Heroes? Let us know what you think!

comments: 3

24 September 2016

I liked the first ver bushes) Lets try all possible, but more, not means better)

27 September 2016

this is good stuff but still it needs some more ideas ill keep in mind of this soon

2 October 2016

Please keep the bushes they help massively