28 September 2016
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Account & Hero Levels

Planet of Heroes’ progression is split up into both Account and Hero levels. While their purpose may be obvious to those experienced with other MOBAs, it’s still important to explain how they work for Planet of Heroes!

Account Level

Your Account level is an overall indicator of how much you’ve played Planet of Heroes and can determine what type of content is available to you. For example, at first you will find yourself only able to play with bots, then co-op play, and onto 3-on-3 PvP matches! However those additional modes can be unlocked in a relatively short amount of time, but the requirements exist to ensure you’re familiar with the game and how to play it before diving into the deep end!

Experience to increase this level is obtained by playing through a core gameplay session, completing quests, and unlocking achievements.

Along with unlocking additional content to participate in when leveling up, you will also receive a one-time reward to give you a nice little bonus for your efforts! Additionally, your Account level actively determines the maximum level of your Heroes.

Hero Level

The Hero Level is an indicator of an individual Hero’s progress. Simply put, if you play a Hero you’ll gain experience for them and they will level up.  This means that each Hero levels up on their own, as you play them, each one getting more powerful.

Your Hero Level also determines what level of Equipment can be used and which level of Runes can be activated. Keep in mind that during the beta tests your account may not level up - but your heroes will!

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comments: 18

28 September 2016

Is there a way to actually increase my account level?

29 September 2016

During Test Phases we might turn account levels off. Nevertheless your heroes will still level up anyway.

2 October 2016

A question: I have a level 3 hero and I can't buy the runes of level 3 for him. I can't even get the runes of the second level because the button of buy runes is disabled. Is that an issue that need to be solved or what?

3 October 2016

ELOMAR. In ordet to buy a rune in any tier you must have purchased ALL the runes from the previus tier. If after that it doesnt work then its a bug that happened to me, but i just had to restart the app.

3 October 2016

Oh thank you U_9787703 :) I didn't buy all the runes of the previous tier that was my problem. Thanks again

6 October 2016

Can't wait kinds getting bored of the samethings right now

9 November 2016

Hi there. How do I change my account name from guest? I believe I closed the option earlier and can't find it now I've played a bit more.. It's amazing! And want to change to a decent name :) thanks in advance!

17 November 2016

So has the equipment just not been put in yet

7 February 2017

Do you unlock heroes as you level up? Or can you only buy them?

7 February 2017

You unlock heroes by purchase.

10 March 2017

how do i change my name in the game from being a guest..pls let me know as i juz got the game on ios.thx in advance

11 March 2017

I can't change my name! how do i change my name? please help

13 March 2017

how can i change my name ?

13 March 2017

How can I reset my account because I Baugh the wrong character

Jonezy 49
14 March 2017

How do you Chang your name

23 March 2017

How do you change your name from guest to something else?

6 April 2017

Game made me be a guest and won't let me change it. If I can't I don't want to play.

18 April 2017

is there any way i can change my name in the game i love this game but it irritates me when i always see my in game name , because i accidentally ok the button when it ask me in the game name and it has an auto matic name and it saved . it really irritates me how can i change it ?